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This is Cotswold Port's website dedicated to the art of decanting vintage port. Click on any image to be taken to our online shop.

Port Decanter

The classic port decanter in the traditional ships style. This port decanter has a broad base leading to a long, elegant neck, perfect for life on the rolling seas, where this classic decanter shape originates. You can trace this design back several centuries to the Royal Navy, and Admiral Rodney in particular was a proponent of this design.

Our range of decanters are in blown glass or plain crystal and we have a few variations on the Ships style for you to choose from

All our decanters come in gift boxes.

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Ships Decanter

The Ships Decanter is probably the classic port decanter style - the wide base and long neck are good for stability, hence the Ships monicker.

But the gently sloping sides and broad base are also helpful for when it comes to decanting port.  By pouring the port wine gently down the sides it is "unbruised" by the experience and the wide area allows the port the maximum breathing surface area.

The ships decanter also looks great on any sideboard.

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Hoggett Decanter

The hoggett decanter (or hoggit if you prefer) is a very peculiar decanter design just for port.  The decanter has a round bottom and can only be put down back in the specially carved wooden base.

The reason for this is that port etiquette suggests the port should never be allowed to stop in front of anyone except the host.

So in this way guests are handed the decanter, pour themselves a glass, and then have no option but to pass the port along.

The ultimate in port bad manners is to "hog" the decanter.

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Crystal Port Decanter

We also supply crystal port decanters and glasses in lead crystal, manufactured by Dartington Crystal & Royal Scot.

These crystal port decanters come in the Admiral's Decanter shown opposite and the round bottom, hoggett decanter.  

The Admiral's Decanter is a variation on the classic ships decanter for port.  This crystal port decanter can hold up to one litre of port


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Port Glasses

A decanter is of course useless without some port glasses (unless you fancy swigging from the decanter pirate-style).

The classic port glass on the right is smaller than a wine glass with sides that taper from a wide bowl to a fairly narrow opening, the better to capture all the aroma of your vintage port.

We also have a variety of port glass styles and sell them in pairs, fours or six glass sets.

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