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Port & Nibbles

Vintage Port is rightly thought of as something to have after dinner but the other ports also make fantastic aperitif wines and some port can even be served chilled or mixed in a cocktail.

White Port served chilled on its own is similar to a fine chardonnay and ideal for sipping before dinner with some nibbles. I recently tried this in Oporto with some roasted and salted almonds and the combination was excellent. Olives, seafood and other salty nibbles might be good combinations too.

Another candidate for serving before dinner is tawny port, served chilled on its own. The chilling makes the port light enough to match with any kind of canape.

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Port & Cheese

Vintage port and stilton is a classic after dinner combination but port is also a good partner for many other cheeses. From strong, mature cheddar with a crusted port to tawny port served with a soft brie.

Incidentally the port should never be poured onto the stilton - it's a bit of an affront to both parties we think.

For dessert you might try something like a creme brulee or sticky toffee pudding with the rich and raisiny tawny ports. The dried fruit notes within the tawny port work well with desserts and puddings.

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