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Port Glasses

The perfect port glass is smaller than a wine glass - due to the extra alcohol content of port vs wine it is best drunk in smaller glasses.

Where you might get 4 or 5 glasses of wine in a normal wine glass, a bottle of port should serve about 12 glasses.

Fill the glass just less than half full, leaving enough room to swirl the port around the glass - that way you can release the port's aromas and admire the colour of the wine.

The set of four port glasses from LSA featured here are the perfect size and make a good partner to the port decanter.

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Crystal Port Glasses

We also supply port glasses in lead crystal, manufactured by Dartington Crystal by hand in Devon and Royal Scot crystal port glasses.

These crystal port glasses come from Dartington's Wine Master range of glasses.  

Specifically designed for port they are just the right size to savour and enjoy your favourite port.

Crystal port glasses are sold in pairs.

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